About Us

We are a knowledge based organization dedicated to the cause of promotion of integrating Clean Energy with sustainable development 

Winnerspitch is the brain child of a few industry leaders with proven track record in their long careers. Attention towards Energy Sources and utilization of Power for optimizing efficiency and minimizing production costs has been their passion. On the other hand Environmental issues and interface with fast Industrial growth, making business sense has been their forte.

Along with brilliant enthusiastic younger, and highly qualified /well trained people oriented towards entrepreneurship, they have motivated creation of forward looking team which encompasses latest technology and systems.

We focus on the main resource which drives economy viz ENERGY, its sources, utilization, cost, efficiency, options and market relevance. We help designing and developing organizations.

Starting as a  consultancy and advisory setup with agile intervention skills, in a short period we have  also created a Pvt Ltd company in Renewable Energy domain.

Winnerspitch Energy Pvt Ltd., as it is christened, this company is working in the niche area of Solar Energy at present  and has ambitious plans to grow towards effective system integrators for gradual replacement of Fossil Fuels.