Our Mentors /Strategic Advisors

Mentors and Strategic Advisors are beacons and guides on our business track. With almost life long experience they are well known faces In the Energy industry- be it Coal, Petroleum, as sources or  Power utilities, they have held top positions.

Mentors to Winnerspitch and Winnerspitch Energy Private Limited  are basically  senior colleagues of the Leadership team in their earlier career assignments  - well wishers and family friends. They have lead large institutions and enterprises from the positions of Chief Executives appointed by President of India. They have accepted the role basically to act as “Think Tank“  for the company and render strategic  advice  to  leadership position holders. Their opinions and suggestions derived from and into the industry add complete validation to the policies throughout the entire outreach of industry. Being fore-runners and veterans they are figures of National repute to say the least. They are respected by partners and clients equally throughout the organizations that they have been leading. For purpose of convinence specializations although not limited to, can bracketed as under : 

a) Energy and Petroleum

b) Energy and Enviornment

c) Information Technology